• Tom Scott


    Hey Bobby Ingram! Funny how the other side of the fence is always bird dogging about the legacy…here ya go…I have been a fan since 78′ and opened shows for the band in 83′ on the west coast. Here I am all these years later playing Casino’s in the Pacific Northwest…when the band needed a Molly Hatchet song we laid down a classic from Phils first record with you “Down from the Mountain” people love this tune…and I think it’s a great tune from Molly Hatchet! Looking forward to hearing the new music and get your ass out here to the Pacific Northwest!

  • Kelley J Truelove Sr.


    Cool!! I’ve been jamming out with Molly Hatchet all day today! Can’t wait for the new & live albums to come out, I will get em!!

    • Kaylee


      Alhrigt alright alright that’s exactly what I needed!

  • Viney


    Thanks for the great info dog I owe you bigtigy.

  • Michael W. French


    aaaaaahhhh, new music ! cool ! cant wait to hear it ! been a fan since 1978 ……….

    • Michael French


      hey ! its Dec 15, 2017 and no new album out yet ! whats going on ??

  • Eugene H.


    I am so thrilled to hear about a new album. It’s been a long time in coming. Add to that a new live album? Great! Cannot wait. Any timeframe for new album? Fan since ’78!

  • bo crocker


    Been a fan since 79. Can’t wait for the new album. Looking forward to seeing the band live soon. Keep it rocking.

  • frankyo


    looking forward to seeing the band in Danbury ct in 9 days. cant wait for both new albums.

  • Lenn-Art van Oostenbrugge


    Looking forward the new albums for a long time. Now even more!

  • bob cain


    saw the band in wheeling west virginia in the 70’s. can not get that southern rock n roll out of my blood.keep it pumpin guys. hunt that bounty boys….

  • michael


    keeping the legacy alive.still a great band that can tear it up.thanks to bobby and phil for keeping the music alive.

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  • louis


    does anybody know of a release date for the new album

  • peter wolf


    That is great news hopefully both aren’t too far away as 2017 is closing in & eventually we can hear a sample to get us all pumped have been a huge fan in Australia since your debut album way back in’77

  • rick miklewski


    meet the band on cruise they were the best played Boogie No More for me , also Phil worn a Raven t-shirt when they played in Baltimore that i gave him !

  • mikie


    glad to see fans from the 70’s still sticking around.tired of hearing people crybabying about no original members.this line up does the legacy proud hell if you cant have danny joe singing who’s better than phil? and bobby makes sure you get great new songs to listen to.

  • Fred


    What? Another Live album? Sure hope the new studio album is better than the last couple albums as they have not been that great. 🙁

    Have seen the band 52 times since 1977 when I was in the Army.

    Finally a website I can view as that totally flash laden site was absolutely ridiculous. Anybody with any sense either has flash blocked or totally disabled or not even installed!

  • Bo Crocker


    You guys need to come back to South Carolina. Been too long since I’ve seen y’all . When can we look for the live and the studio album? Can’t wait to hear them. Keep that rebel flag flying.

  • Marc


    I still like the band since the 80s. But I think information about new albums could be more clear. According to the Website they recorded this springtime in Bulgaria but since then, nothing was mentioned again about the new album. What happened??

  • thomas tarwater


    It’s December 7, 2016 and there is still no further word on that promised studio and live albums. I’ve been a Molly Hatchet listener and enjoyer since 1979 and 2016 is almost over! So when are the two albums going to hit the shelves? Molly Hatchet has a lot of fans, millions of them, wanting to know. I’m just saying.

  • Basskat


    I am the biggest Molly Hatchet fan there is. I’ve been there from the beginning to present day. All in all have seen you guys live 10-12 times and always if you are performing at the Beacon Theater in Hopewell VA. In my opinion Molly Hatchet is the definition of Southern Rock. Yes there will always be Lynard Synard, Blackfoot, Outlaws etc. but ya’ll will always be top in my books. Keep rocking and I’ll see you April 30,2017 at Meriweather Post.

  • Bo Crocker


    Been a fan since 79 and have all your music on CD now and still some on album. Please give us some idea when the new albums are coming out. I have been waiting since last year. I can’t wait to hear some new kick ass Hatchet rock N Roll. Just want some heads up on a release date please. Bo from Spartanburg, S.C.

  • fred


    sure would be nice to at least get a hint as to when this new stuff is supposed to be out. going on 8 months now since my last post here when it was mentioned that you had anew release coming out. what gives?

  • michael french


    8-4-2017 when are we gonna see the new albums ??

  • Fred


    well, here it is another 6 months laster since my last post and still absolutely nothing on any info about any new stuff 🙁

    sure was saddened to hear of dave’s passing as i have known him since before the release of the debut album

    hope all is well in hatchet land 🙂

  • Don


    Hey y’all, its 2018 and where are your new studio and live CDs at that was to be released in 2017?

  • Don S


    Hey guys, where is your new live and studio CDs that was to be released last year in 2017? I believe the live CD was to be called your 40 th anniversary CD. Please let me know. Is it because you are still searching for a new record label

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