• Jayce


    Which came first, the problem or the sonlitou? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

  • Sunshine


    I want to send you an award for most helpful innrteet writer.

  • Jt


    My name is Jt Solomon and my father used to tell me stories of him playing guitar for Molly Hatchet. I am wondering if he really did. His name was Gleason Solomon.

  • Steve Garrett


    Bobby, Tim, Phil, John, Dave and Shawn:
    Thank you for the music and for all the things we can not see: the hard work and the sacrifices, the hours behind the scenes: the families you leave behind missing partners, children and your wives; the special days in their lives that can never be replayed, to share your music and your time with all your fans far and wide.
    You are the greatest.

  • Frank Ortenzio


    Thank you bobby! Last time we hung out was at the Herrick lodge in pa. In July 4th 2014. I showed you my lighting strikes twice tattoo on my back and my girlfriend Tammy took a lot of pictures of all of US . Remind Phil his brother Tommy was there. We had a great time and looking forward to tomorrow night. He’ll yea! Ps . Wish we had VIP backstage passes!

  • tom lo giudice


    looking forward to seeing you guys this coming Friday night in Amityville, Long Island.

  • John White II


    Looking forward to seeing you guys Nov. 18th in Clear Lake Iowa. will you be doing a meet and greet at that show? it will be my 300th show to see. Would love to get apicture with you guys to immortalize the event.

  • Michael French


    When are we gonna see the new studio album? ?

  • Greg Hoover


    OMFG!!! We just finished watching Molly Hatchet perform in Titusville, Florida tonight, and they quite frankly (excuse my language here) blew the fucking lid off of the place!!! I’ve been listening to them and have seen the perform since the late 70’s and they have always rocked, but are so tight a performing band now that I have to say they have never sounded better and surpass every other band I’ve seen live in over a year – and I see a LOT of concerts!!! Holy Fuck this guys rock!!!! I mean,…. Holy Fuck!!!! Did I say that out loud? Sorry, for the cussing,….but Holy Fuck Molly Hatchet is the fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to several bars downtown after the show and all anyone everywhere we went was talking about was how AMAZING that performance was. You’d know just by looking at the expression on other people’s faces from across the room, and have to walk over to them and say “Yeah,…OMG you were there too, huh!!! LOL No shit !!!!…THEY WERE THAT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris


    Enjoyed the show last nite in Glendale, az !!!!!! U guys jammed, hell yeah,,,!!!! Talked to Bobby before u all left after autographs…, was a real thrill… rock on , hope to c uguys in Phx again, won’t b another 25 yrs though…. peace

  • Gary Lyda


    Was wondering how come Dave Hullbeck does not play with the band anymore?gary Lyda tallahassee,Fl

  • Glenn Sexton


    Just heard you guys are on next Rock Legends Cruise! Woohoo! Can’t wait to see ya’ll again!

  • Glenn Sexton


    BTW…Hell Yea! Buy you a drink or two!!

  • Phil Harris


    Saw you guys at Saloon Studio’s September..It really brought back old times..this old man had a ball..I been following Molly Hatchet since the 70’s..LONG TIME… I want to thank the whole band for a absolute thrill!!!.
    A special thanks to Bobby Ingram for a one on one performance!!! He probably remembers my crazy self..Hope to see you guys again soon…Thanks for the years and keep on Rock’en

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