• Sunshine


    I want to send you an award for most helpful innrteet writer.

  • Steve Garrett


    Bobby, Tim, Phil, John, Dave and Shawn:
    Thank you for the music and for all the things we can not see: the hard work and the sacrifices, the hours behind the scenes: the families you leave behind missing partners, children and your wives; the special days in their lives that can never be replayed, to share your music and your time with all your fans far and wide.
    You are the greatest.

  • Frank Ortenzio


    Thank you bobby! Last time we hung out was at the Herrick lodge in pa. In July 4th 2014. I showed you my lighting strikes twice tattoo on my back and my girlfriend Tammy took a lot of pictures of all of US . Remind Phil his brother Tommy was there. We had a great time and looking forward to tomorrow night. He’ll yea! Ps . Wish we had VIP backstage passes!

  • tom lo giudice


    looking forward to seeing you guys this coming Friday night in Amityville, Long Island.

  • Michael French


    When are we gonna see the new studio album? ?

  • Chris


    Enjoyed the show last nite in Glendale, az !!!!!! U guys jammed, hell yeah,,,!!!! Talked to Bobby before u all left after autographs…, was a real thrill… rock on , hope to c uguys in Phx again, won’t b another 25 yrs though…. peace

  • Gary Lyda


    Was wondering how come Dave Hullbeck does not play with the band anymore?gary Lyda tallahassee,Fl

  • Phil Harris


    Saw you guys at Saloon Studio’s September..It really brought back old times..this old man had a ball..I been following Molly Hatchet since the 70’s..LONG TIME… I want to thank the whole band for a absolute thrill!!!.
    A special thanks to Bobby Ingram for a one on one performance!!! He probably remembers my crazy self..Hope to see you guys again soon…Thanks for the years and keep on Rock’en

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